The Wine Lounge

The wine lounge is here to give our neighborhood something it doesn’t currently have, a place to enjoy and explore the vast world of wine.

While we are not a restaurant, we've chosen some thoughtful small bites that will accompany the great wines we have to choose from. I recall quite well what a master of wine once told me.

Wine was made to go with food, not the other way around.

The Art

My good friend Joey Africa is the artist that comprises our great gallery of paintings. I met Joey years ago through an amazing wine acquaintance and needless to say, we hit it off. Outside of being incredibly talented, Joey is an amazing human and I'm thrilled to be able to show off his great work here in the DFW area. Check out this video on Youtube and then head on over to check his work out in person. My man has officially blown up!

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Thursday 2pm to 10pm
Friday & Saturday 2pm to midnight

Resy Reservation

Resy Reservations coming soon

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