What is Soupçon?

Pronounced - /so͞opˈsoN/
A very small amount; a hint; a trace; an inkling. An attention to detail, a refinement, that can make the difference between admirable and amazing.

The small things, the soupçon, you add in life brings great joy to the ones you love. We aim to add a soupçon of something special to everyone that we are so fortunate to host and serve.

Our Team

I have spent 23 years in the wine industry, most as an executive for both a small independent and also the largest wholesaler in the US. In those roles, I helped negotiate, write and execute winery sales plans through our many great traditional restaurants and retailers here in Texas. I've managed many distributor sales reps and thousands of wines from wineries all over the world and have had an amazingly fun career while working as a distributor.

I have been blessed to forge strong relationships in the wine industry, and have had many incredible intimate moments with growers, wine makers, marketing professionals and owners of some of the most elite properties and wine companies in the world. All of them collectively have helped mold my understanding and thoughts on wine and the many aspects of drinking it personally and selling it commercially.

My commitment is to offer authentic, exceptional wines from many of the great people I’ve represented over the years. To continue the pursuit to find new labels from up and coming winemakers and growers, and make them available for you to enjoy locally. Either at our place, or yours.



Chad Butler

Head Glass Polisher